Thursday, September 21, 2006

Oh gee, what a surprise!

So, since cd 43 just passed I figured I'd take a pg test. I know the docs said there was basically no chance I would ovulate on the Clomid based on my lab results, but a girl can still hope right? Made sure to BD on the right days just in case. Quadruple crossed my fingers. Stood on my head. Oh okay, I'm making that one up, but you get the idea. So, wanna guess the test results? Oh go on, you know you want to! Oh okay, I'll tell you..... BFN, of course! Aren't you surprised? No? Well, I guess I can't blame ya. It seems like such a waste of a perfectly good pg test when I already know the answer. But, I figured I'd better just make sure. Miracles happen sometimes right? Oh well, at least now I can drown my sorrows in some wine coolers tomorrow night. Blue Hawaiian.... mmmmmm

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MamaChristy said...

Your baby just isn't done being an angel yet. :)