Monday, November 19, 2007

We have a date!

We scheduled my c-section at my appointment on Friday. I'm the first one on the schedule for December 10, so hopefully we will meet our little guy that morning. The doc did say that because of the shortage of doctors and such, it's not uncommon to get 'bumped', especially if there are emergencies, but since we are the first of the day we will take priority aside from emergencies. Hopefully, even if there is an emergency we will still be able to have the c-section sometime that day.

So, 3 weeks from today this little guy should be in my arms! I can't wait!


Furrow said...

How exciting! The light at the end of the tunnel! Get those announcements ready.

Chris said...

Three weeks???! How can that be? I SWEAR you JUST got pregnant :-)

Sunny said...

Holy smokes! I can't believe it is time! 10 days!