Monday, December 03, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

We (finally) finished putting up our Christmas decorations this weekend. Here's how the house turned out this year:

It was a lot of work, but we're pretty happy with the results!

We also went this weekend and cut down our own Christmas tree. It was my first time ever doing that, though my husband said his family did it all the time growing up. We had a lot of fun choosing our tree, then my husband (with our daughter's 'help' of course) cut it down, they shook it for us and wrapped it, then we loaded it on the van and brought it home!
We had a hard time getting it to stand up in the tree stand, even going so far as to buy a different stand with no more luck. Finally, I looked it up on the web and discovered you should pound the stand into the base of the tree with a hammer (there are little spikes in the base) before tightening the screws and standing it all up. That finally did the trick!
Put the lights on it and decided to wait until the next day for ornaments because it was pretty late by then. Good thing, because we got up Sunday morning to find the cats had gotten into the tree, pulling 1/3 of the lights off and leaving some flattened spots where they were laying on the branches. I suspect it was our biggest cat laying in the tree because the flatted area was pretty big! So, we've decided we won't put any ornaments up. Hopefully the lights will stay on the tree from now on... we've been spraying them with water every time they go by it. I've tried some other 'remedies' to keep them away and it hasn't worked, so we're just going to have to rely on prayer to keep our tree standing!


Roy said...

I'm so jealous of your decorations. I adore blue lights and love seeing houses all lit up, but I'm exceptionally lazy and hate doing the work myself. Thank you for having the drive to do all that work (or have hubby do it, whichever way it went) so that I can get a little taste of it without having to do anything myself. The decorating at my house doesn't go far past the tree and some garland adorning the refrigerator. But my tree does look damn good, with some very lovingly wrapped gifts as well.

Furrow said...

Very nice decorations! I have a wreathed and some mini-trees and lights on the mantle, and that's it. Maybe next year we'll go all out, since Zo will be able to appreciate it.

When I was little, we used to go down in the woods and cut down a cedar tree. I was always jealous of my friends' fancy Christmas farm trees, but now I miss our sweet little oddly shaped cedars.

Furrow said...

um, that was meant to be wreath, not wreathed.

Sunny said...

Man you are fierce in the decorating department. WOW! I love it! Do you have music playing outside too?