Thursday, January 28, 2010

Freaking out just a little...

So... I've been sick. For about 2 1/2 weeks now. I'm getting better... probably because I started on antibiotics last Friday. Also got a good cough medicine that day and the DH and I actually BD'd for the first time in over a week. Haven't since because I just don't feel that good. So why am I freaking out? My period was due this week. Usually comes Tuesday night, Wednesday morning... every now and then it waits until Thursday. But it is rare, and it doesn't usually wait until this late on Thursday. Yes I am on birth control... but antibiotics can interfere with those. We all know I'm infertile because of the PCOS... but even us PCOSers ovulate now and then. What are the odds that having sex on the first day of taking antibiotics could get an infertile girl on birth control pregnant not even a week before her period is due?
I'll keep you posted!

EDITED TO ADD: It is 7pm and this is officially the latest I will have started... if I do! Yikes! At the moment I am still convinced it will come and that the antibiotics and other meds plus being sick probably screwed my system up a bit.

EDITED AGAIN: Whew! Got it this morning. Breathing a sigh of relief. I might like another baby, but I don't think we're ready right now!

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