Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sleep issues

My son does not sleep. Well, he sleeps, but he is awake by about 1am every night and used to go play or watch tv, occasionally dozing on the couch. We started letting him sleep with us after he got up. We tried a bed on the floor in our room, but he wouldn't use it. So for quite some time, he has been sleeping with us from anywhere from 11pm-3am on. He still tosses and turns a lot, and often ends up pressed up against me to sleep. This makes it impossible for me to sleep well. Plus, he is not getting enough quality sleep. So, we tried melatonin. Went up to 3mg on the neurologist and psychiatrist's advice and he would still wake up. Finally, we tried trazadone. The first night, on 25mg, he slept like a champ, in his bed all the way through to 6:30am! After that first night though, he started waking up again. We raised it to 50mg with no change. Now we are about to start locking him out of our room again, but I am concerned he will just go back to playing and watching tv when he wakes. Really, we need him to sleep, all night, in his bed. Doc said we could go up to 100mg on the trazadone but I am hesitant about medicating my kids. Yes, my daughter is on a couple of things, but we fought tooth and nail before giving in on it. So I am thinking about trying to make a weighted blanket. My son has a lot of sensory issues, and the fact the he likes to sleep pressed up against me makes me think he craves pressure during sleep. So I guess I will be fabric shopping soon!

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