Monday, August 06, 2007

21 weeks, my how time flies!

Got a call from radiology this morning asking if I can come in Wednesday at 2pm for my ultrasound. Of course I said yes! I haven't heard from the doctor yet.... she came back from leave today so hopefully I'll get a call. But I have a feeling (just knowing the way the mi1it@ry clinics work) that she won't bother calling. She probably figures that I'm getting the ultrasound, what else would I need to talk to her for. Gee, maybe a little reassurance? Especially since when I talked to the OB clinic last Monday they told me I wouldn't get the next ultrasound until my 24 week appointment. I told them that radiology told me to come back in 2 weeks, so they said they'd leave a note for the doctor but I'd have to wait to talk to her. Since I haven't talked to her, just got a call basically saying come in asap for our next available ultrasound appointment, I don't know if she saw something in the other ultrasound to be concerned about or if she's just humoring my request to get in sooner. I'm still not really worrying about it, but I do hope that she calls today anyways. I'll feel a little better after finally talking to a doctor!

This little boy has got to be the most active in-utero baby ever! He is already keeping me up at night with his antics, and he is so strong and active that my husband got to feel him kick 2 weeks ago and my daughter felt him last week. I sit in bed at night and watch my stomach jump from him dancing around. I love it! But this seems really early for visible movement that can be felt by people from outside the belly (at 19 weeks?!), so I'm a little concerned that he might be really big or something. He sure feels like he's filling my belly up completely!

For those of you who are curious.... here's a new belly shot, taken this morning. I'm getting huge huh?

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Furrow said...

I also had really early visible movement, and my husband caught a quick flinch at around 18 weeks. I was at about your stage when he could reliably feel something, though. At 28 weeks, this girl sometimes causes me fleeting pain with her forcefulness.

I'm also worried that I've got a big one. Big babies run in my family. My brother and I were 9 lbs, and my mother was over 10 lbs! And these were from petite women. Yikes!

I'm glad you're getting your ultrasound in so soon. Good luck!