Sunday, October 21, 2007

Nursery pics UPDATED

The nursery is almost done. Really, all I have left to do is organize a few things, recover the glider, and get some basics set up (like the sleep positioner in the crib, putting covers on the boppies and changing pad, things like that).
So, I thought I'd share some pictures and show you the results of our labor of love....

Here's the blanket I finally finished last week. It only took me something like 5 months!

UPDATE: The bed is there because (1)This used to be our guest room (2) The mattresses will hopefully be used for a future guest room when we move (3)I will be sleeping here until I recover from the c-section after J's born - our king size bed sits way too high to climb in and out of after major abdominal surgery.


Furrow said...

that looks great. I love the blanket. you did a great job. Who is the bed for? Is it a guest room/slash nursery? It's good to have a bed for visiting baby sitters (aka relatives).

OHN said...

I think the bed is a great idea. For S1 I found that I actually had to wake up to trudge into his room to feed/change him. By the time S3 came along I figured out a way to have him sleep with me without danger of being smothered and I barely had to get up to change or feed him. With age comes laziness.

I really like the room but the fact that you are so organized has me a little disturbed.