Sunday, November 07, 2010

Chidren's Hospital, here we come!

Apparently despite the psychologist telling me that the pdd-nos diagnosis was firm, the letter he sent to our PCM didn't say anything about pdd-nos. Instead it mentioned a whole bunch of confusing things, as if the psychologist still hadn't made up his mind.

Based on what the psychologist said and everything discovered in my daughter's Occupational Therapy evaluation, he agrees that pdd-nos fits so our PCM is sending us to the Children's Hospital up north to see a Developmental Specialist. They should be able to figure this all out for certain so we can finally quit wondering and get a treatment plan in place.

It could take a while to get an appointment. Please say some prayers that we can get in soon!

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Maggie said...

My prayers are with all of you! For you and Craig to keep your sanity; for Julian, so he can grow up with good memories of him and his sister and not the memories of being picked on/fighting; and for Izzy, that she can get the help she needs and grow into the wonderful young woman her mama is!
Love you all!