Wednesday, May 02, 2007

It's a baby!

Ultrasound went good, as in everything looked great! The doc was running about 1.5 hours behind and then they rushed so much I barely got to see anything (hubby and daughter didn't get to see at all), but there is one baby measuring right on target with a strong heartbeat, which we got to hear! Yippee!!!!

Doc has me at being 7wk2d pregnant today, I have me at 7wk1d. Doc's due date is Dec 17, mine is Dec 18. So I guess we're pretty much on the same page! I'm happy enough to go with Dec 17 though... the sooner the better, right?!

So I'm being released to the OB clinic now. I have to go to some mandatory orientation on May 16 for 90 minutes. Hope it's not too bad, I'll probably have to bring my daughter and that's right at lunch and nap time!

All-in-all I'd have to say we are pretty d@mn excited here in my world! I've already showed the 2 ultrasound pics and the short video of the heartbeat to my 2 neighbors that know about the pregnancy. I'm still not sure when I'll 'come out' to everyone else.... I'm tempted to wait and see how long it takes them to ask, but I think I'm too excited! Plus I want to wear my maternity clothes - they totally make me look pregnant instead of just fat! Like, 6 months pregnant! heeheehee

I'll try to find a way to post the pics. Right now all I have are hard copies but I'll see if I can get a close-up of them with my digital camera so I can post them. Thanks to everyone for your support! Hopefully everything will continue to go well! Also really hope to see those of you on 'the journey' joining in with some good news of your own real soon!


Shelby said...

Congratulations!! Such fantastic news!!

Furrow said...

Very cool! It's so wonderful to see that heartbeat.

Mony said...

Awww! This so so cool!

Chris said...

That's WONDERFUL! Congrats all over again!