Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tomorrow is the big day!

Our first ultrasound is tomorrow. I'm nervous and excited, but I admit I am mostly excited. I just can't imagine there could be anything wrong. I know it is always possible, but everything just feels right, ya know? I keep telling myself that if something was wrong I would be cramping or bleeding or something, but all I've got are normal pregnancy symptoms. So I'm going in with a positive outlook and praying my hopes aren't about to be dashed.

I'm only expecting one baby to appear on the ultrasound (no weight gain, not extremely high beta numbers, etc), but I'm a little concerned (and secretly excited) that there could be two. Concerned because of the added risk, and excited because who wouldn't love twins?! My 2 and a half year old daughter is extremely insistent that there are at least 2 babies in Mama's belly. Recently she has started saying 3 every now and then, but from the first day we told her about it she has insisted there are 2. When we ask her if she's sure there's not just 1 baby, or tell her there is probably only 1 baby, she says "No, 2 babies in Mama's belly." Could she be making a prediction? Guess we'll all just have to wait until tomorrow to find out! I probably won't be able to sleep tonight I'm so anxious!


buggsmommy said...

SO exciting! Can't wait to hear. Hope you're still feeling okay! :)

Mony said...

Hanging out for an update. ...if you want twins then I hope you get them!

Chris said...

Obviously you'll report back STAT, right? I hope everything goes exactly how you want it :-)