Thursday, October 21, 2010

There's more?

Apparently, yes there is. We finally had the Occupation Therapy evaluation for my daughter yesterday. After 2 hours, we left with a definite referral for the actual OT for SPD, as she qualified in several categories for it. However, we also left with a referral for a Physical Therapy eval and an Ortho consult. There were concerns with my daughter's spine and asymmetries in her upper extremities and pelvic alignment. Or something along those lines anyways, I had trouble keeping up. Her muscle development is not adequate either. She also had some motor delays.
So, my poor baby is apparently going to have a lot of challenges ahead of her. On top of the psychologist we will continue to see, she will now have occupational therapy at least weekly once the paperwork is in order, and likely will end up having physical therapy weekly as well. As far as the Ortho referral, I expect that she may end up with x-rays at a minimum and possibly even an MRI.
On top of all that, we learned on Friday that my husband will be losing his job with the milit@ry by the end of February. He should be able to get a new position as a civilian, but it's going to mean a lot of changes for us.
Please pray for our strength in dealing with all of this, and for the health and happiness of my daughter!

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