Monday, December 18, 2006

It's official.

AF reared her ugly head this morning. I am definitely not pregnant. Of course, I thought I knew that already, but I was still holding that little tiny thread of hope until it got ripped out of my hands. Damn.
The fertility clinic returned my call this morning and asked how I'm doing. My response made it clear what had happened. Their response? "As you know, we're not doing cycles this month because of Christmas vacations, but we'll be happy to do another IUI for you next month." You know what I wanted to tell them? To shove their Christmas vacations up their you-know-what. Not that I think they don't deserve a vacation. But I do think that of the 5 or so doctors and countless nurses in the clinic, one of each could come in for 30 minutes on one of their vacation days to do my ultrasound and bloodwork. I think things that like go along with working in the medical field, and when you are talking about something as time-sensitive as infertility treatments, they should make some concessions.

My husband just called. He has to go out of town for work this week. We had lots of stuff planned for his 3 days off, but now that's all scrapped because some higher up asshole doesn't understand that it is the holidays and people want to spend time with their families. Or more likely that the higher up asshole is spending time with his family but doesn't care if others get to do the same or not. I find it interesting how my husband gets his vacation ruined for some stupid meeting, but the people at my clinic can't take an hour out of theirs to help save my sanity. Looks like we won't be starting another cycle until the end of January or early February.

Now please excuse me while I go into the bathroom to swear and cry before composing myself to take my daughter out for the day.

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