Thursday, December 14, 2006

So far, nothing but BFN

I couldn't wait. So I tested Tuesday, just to see if the hCG shot was out of my system, so if I later got a positive I could trust it. So, Tuesday was a BFN, which was good because the next positive test would then mean I was pregnant. So, I tested this morning. Another BFN. I'm definitely feeling discouraged. Sure, I still have two days before I was supposed to test, but when I got pregnant with my daughter, I tested early as well and got a positive several days early. I even got a confirmed positive blood test at 13dpo(days past ovulation). So i was kind of expecting to see a positive test by now. I think I will go to the store today and get a more sensitive test. So far I have used the dollar store ones. I'm going to get something like Fir$t Re$pon$e, that is supposed to be better when testing early. Who knows, maybe it will make a difference. I'm just not counting on it. I know, I should try to stay positive (ha! stay positive when negative!), but it's getting harder and harder as the days progress So..... I guess I'll update at some point after the next test. Maybe if we all pray hard enough, the results will be different next time!

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