Saturday, September 01, 2007

24.5 week update

Here is a photo of a beached whale:

Looks much smaller from the front:

Definitely got a big boy cooking in there!

In other news:

The cough is still here... I think I mentioned it, but if not I have now! Just can't seem to kick it. Keep coughing up icky stuff - though doc earlier this week said my lungs sound clear. May call doc again Tuesday if it continues.

The thumb is still recovering. Last night I peeled it. Gross huh? Pretty much the entire top half of my thumb was covered in dead skin so I've gradually been 'encouraging' it off and last night a lot of it came off. It looks much better now! Still not completely healed but definitely well on it's way.

No more crocheting since I got sick. More projects to come.... I hope! Trying to convince myself to work with the yarn I have instead of buying new colors. But I think I need a dark blue. For another hat, of course!

The lovely Furrow named me a "Rockin' Girl Blogger"! I am honored! Alas, I do not know how to post the icon on my sidebar. Admittedly I haven't tried, but only because I don't think I can do it. If I figure it out, I will move ahead with nominations of my own. Perhaps when I feel better!

Well, that's about it! Off to the airport to pick up hubby!


Furrow said...

You know how I love it when you talk wounds! Dead skin.. .yum.

You look very, very cute in your picture. Not at all marine mammalish.

As for the picture. Download it from my site by right clicking on it and selecting "save picture as."
Save it somewhere on your computer. Then, log into your blog and select Template. then choose Add a Page Element, then Picture. Browse to the picture on your computer, add a title and caption if you want, and it will be added to your page layout. you can move the picture around by dragging it up or down. save template setting. et voila.

Mony said...

You look awesome!

Sunny said...

You look SO CUTE!