Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sewing Help

I bought a glider today. Used, not in great shape but works fine. Cushions are disgusting, even after washing. So, I plan to make new cushions. I've even picked out the fabric and plan to get it tomorrow. I am assuming that I can use polyfoam for the cushions and just sew covers for them.

Does anyone know anything about this? I don't sew - I've been considering a sewing machine for a long time, and if anyone can advise me on how to make these cushion covers I have no problem buying a machine to do it. Hopefully it will be easy to learn. I certainly have other uses for the sewing machine (I'm constantly hemming my daughters clothes by hand) so it would be money well spent.

My only alternative is probably hiring someone to make them. I looked on Cr@igs1ist and found someone advertising 35 yrs sewing experience so I can call her, but I'm not completely comfortable trusting that, plus I'd much rather save the money (assuming she'll charge a decent amount).

So, can anyone offer me any help or suggestions? Pretty please?


MamaChristy said...

Just because I don't have a sewing machine, doesn't mean I never learned how to sew on one! I can help you if you are going to get a machine and there have got to be patterns for this kind of thing.

Furrow said...

Oooh, I wish I could give advice. Someone very kindly gave me a brand new sewing machine last year, and I had intended to learn to use it, but I still haven't.

You already know how to crochet, so you could tighly crochet some covers and stuff them with polyfill. Granny squares might be cute ;)

Actually, cushions seem like they would be a good, simple project to learn to sew with. You could probably find some decent patterns online or find a sewing book at the library. If you do something, let us see!