Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wake Up Call

Every morning for a week, my daughter has woken me up by shouting "MAMA I GOT TO GO PEE" over and over until I get to her room. Now I'm sure some of you are saying, wow that's great that she tells you she needs to pee instead of peeing in her bed. Yes, that is great.... except that for 6 months or more she would hold her pee all night, wake up, play with her stuffed animals, I'd hear her playing quietly, I'd get up, wash my face, get dressed, then go get her, usually 10-15 minutes after she woke up. All of a sudden, she can't wait in the morning.

The big problem? I am not a morning person. Not in the slightest. Under normal circumstances I am not capable of jumping out of bed and, well, functioning, as soon as I wake up. Add in the pregnancy waking me up 1-2 times a night to pee, and the cough waking me up another 2-3 times, all this after I finally even manage to get to sleep, and I am not doing well in the morning. I am extremely crabby and tired. I do not appreciate being shouted at to wake up. I do not like having to immediately jump out of bed and race to her room, every morning.

Possible solutions? The only one my husband and I have thought of is teaching her to go use the potty by herself. The problems with that? She doesn't know how to wipe and she also can't seem to get her p@anties up past her butt - they get all twisted. Not to mention that she never gets out of bed without permission and I kind of like that. I like not having to worry about her leaving her room in the middle of the night.... because she won't even leave her bed. If she drops a stuffed animal, she calls for me to get it.

Oh, and I've thought about setting an alarm so I wake up before her, but she wakes up at different times every morning. This week it's been 8-8:30 every morning, but in a normal week it can be anywhere from 8:30-10am.

Also, we do limit her fluid intake in the evenings. Once dinner is over the juice/water is put away (usually an hour or more before bed), then she gets a very small drink of water right before bed, and also uses the potty.

So, I'm seeking advice, because I don't know how many more mornings I can handle being woken up by shouting and having to leap right out of bed. Any suggestions?

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