Thursday, September 20, 2007

Nursery progress

Here is what the room looked like originally.

First step was to remove the old furniture. Then we painted the blue.

Last night, we spent about 2 hours putting the border on 2 1/2 walls. Only 1 1/2 to go!

Boy am I beat! I've been trying to do too much.... but there is so much to do! I feel like I'm running out of time. The c-section should be in 11 weeks give or take a few days! In that time, here are some of the 'projects' that have to be completed:
-Finish putting up the border
-Reassemble crib
-Buy dresser
-Decide on room arrangement
-Finish shopping for essentials
-Wash everything, put bedding on crib and the queen mattress I'll be sleeping on
-Organize all the clothes, blankets, etc
-Finish crocheting blanket, which won't be quick or easy
-Cut and shape cushions for glider
-Buy sewing machine and learn how to use it
-Make cushion covers
-Probably redecorate daughters room so she doesn't feel left out
And anything else that we think of or happens to come up!

Can you see why I'm stressed? I am, however, very excited about the projects. The nursery is coming together just the way I wanted, so hopefully everything else will too!


Chris said...

It's adorable - I love those two colors together!

Furrow said...

Hey! You managed the border! good job.

I'm afraid to make a list of what I still need to do.

OHN said...

Job well done.

Roy said...

It looks great! Your kids are lucky to have such a hard working mama! And crafty, too. Good luck getting everything finished.