Monday, July 02, 2007

16 week check-up

The appointment went pretty well today. I found out that my CBC came back low last time so I have to start taking iron supplements on top of my prenatals. And she gave me an Rx for col@ce since the iron tends to cause constipation. Really looking forward to that. Hopefully taking care of the anemia will help my energy level improve. I'm a bit concerned that they didn't call to tell me about the anemia before. My brief research tells me that allowing the anemia to continue throughout the first 2 trimesters can result in preterm delivery and low birth weight. Just seems like something they should have taken steps to correct earlier, rather than waiting until my next visit to tell me about it. Of course I didn't do my research until I got home, after forgetting to pick my meds up at the hospital. SO now I'm trying to convince my hubby to go see if they'll let him get them because I don't want to wait until Friday.

Found out that my urine sample was "contaminated" at my last visit so I have to retake that test. And I was supposed to take a glucose test after my last visit but the nurse I saw neglected to tell me. She marked it off my chart, apparently not bothering to see why it was there in the first place, just assuming I didn't need it. Because of the PCOS and my, uh, above average normal body weight, I'm predisposed to getting diabetes during pregnancy. And outside of pregnancy too for that matter. So anyways, I have to take a glucose test now then again at the normal 28 weeks or whenever they usually do it. Looks like I'll be going back on Friday to spend a bunch of time at the lab taking care of all of that. More fun.

Also found out that they can't get my op report from my c-section with my daughter. It seems that since the hospital she was born at has basically shut down, outsourcing all their patients to the city, they retired all their records to the records storage in St Louis. Apparently it usually takes a year to get those records pulled. How ridiculous is that? Why does it take a year to get my records from not even 3 years ago? I could see if I was requesting records from 1956 or something weird like that, but from 2004? What the heck? So it looks like they won't have my op report to review, which is always a nice thing when having a second c-section so they know what to expect. Oh well.

The jellybean was very cooperative today. The doc found the heartbeat pretty quick even though s/he was moving around a lot. Heart rate is basically in the 160's still, which is good. They were glad that I have been feeling some movement, and I'm hopeful that it will start becoming more frequent and more noticeable soon.

Scheduled my ultrasound for 30July. Even though the clinic keeps saying you can get it anywhere in the 18-20 week timeframe, the lab says you can't get it until at least 20 weeks. So that was disappointing, but I guess waiting 2 extra weeks isn't too bad. I'm a bit peeved though that I will have to be alone for my ultrasound. No children under 12 are allowed in the room, so my hubby will have to stay in the waiting room with our daughter. That really sucks. We've been telling her about the ultrasound and how she'll get to see the baby, and of course my hubby wants to be there. So like I said, I'm pretty peeved about that.... but at least I don't have to go with an overfull bladder this time. That sucked before - drinking a ton of water, then being kept waiting because they are running behind and you have to pee so bad. Then having them press down on your full bladder over and over during the ultrasound. So at least I have that to be happy about.

So, that's what's new here! Seems we have a nice healthy baby growing in there. Assuming everything goes well with the quad screen we should be good to go. Assuming....


Furrow said...

Congrats on the healthy baby! That sucks about the glucose testing, though. I hope it comes out okay.

Sunny said...

YEAH I am so happy for you!

Stubborn Mom said...

I am glad to hear that everything was good. Take care of yourself and can't wait to feel my baby kicking as well :)

sariel & shlomit said...

Wow! Can't believe how far along you are! Nice to hear everything's going well but that REALLY SUCKS about the u/s!!! No other labs around with different rules?!
Hope you're feeling more energetic soon...