Monday, July 16, 2007

7 hours & 7 stitches later..... *updated*

Yup, I spent last night in th ER. Stupid me sliced my thumb on a can of diced tomatoes. I so totally know better than to pull a lid up, but apparently placenta brain struck. Thumb looks pretty nasty and hurts like a sonofabe-atch. Because of the baby, they were hesitant to give me anything too strong for the pain - came home with the lidocaine completely worn off already (started fading before the last 2 stitches were in) and some vic0din that is not working. Called ER and OB clinic and all I can do is go back to the ER for a re-evaluation. I made an appt for tomorrow with the regular general care dr for 11am, but I'm seriously considering the ER again. The pain is almost more than I can take but I don't want to spend 10 hours at the ER for them to tell me tough crap (mi1it@ry hates giving out pain meds - motrin should fix everything in their opinion). So, I'm here, suffering, not sure yet what I'll do. Probably wait til tomorrow because I must sleep tonight (1 3/4 hrs this morning didn't cut it) and that won't happen if I go to the ER.

Please pray the pain lessens and/or they give me something better tomorrow! Thanks!

*UPDATE* hubby came home a little early & let me go to bed, despite having had zero sleep himself. I asked him to wake me up at pill time, planning to let him snatch an hour or 2 as well, but I just couldn't get up. I finally got up at ~7:15 to help with bedtime and that wonderful man was coming up the stairs with my dinner! Sweet huh? And it wasn't spaghetti - that's what we were making last night, for tonights dinner.... when he mentioned picking the missing ingredients up on his way home from work I started crying and told him I would throw up if he made me eat spaghetti tonight. The thought of the can of diced tomatoes and the freshness of everything in my head just filled me with dread. So we had frozen pizza.
Anyways, still hurting, and planning on seeing the doc tomorrow at 11am. Figure if nothing else, they can take care of cleaning my ouchy and rebandaging it.
Alas, I cannot ice it Furrow - no removing the bandage for 24-48 hours and no water except a little to wash it then.
I'm keeping it elevated nicely and have had wonderful help. MamaChristy (sorry, no link with one hand) raced over at our urgent call last night and stayed until we got hom... then she came back before my daughter woke up and helped with everything - feeding us, helping my daughter on the potty, pulling my hair back for me - and that's on top of cleaning my bloody kitchen last night! And from what I remember and what she said, there was blood everywhere! Thank God for good friends. You truly do find out who's a real friend in times of need - I don't know what we would have done without her!
Thanks for everyones concern and sympathy! I'll definitely keep you posted (want gory pics?), but the one handed typing is tough so it may not be as much next time. Thanks again everyone.

Oh, one more thing - definite baby movement now and even some felt by my hand on my belly! Very cool!


Chris said...

Oh man - that has to suck. Hope you're feeling better!

Furrow said...

Yikes! Youch! Youza! I've done that. No stitches though, because I waited too late. Yours must've been deeper than mine.

Hope it feels better soon. Have you tried numbing the heck out of it with ice?

MamaChristy said...

Please sleep. I know that you need it and here's hoping that it will be at least a little better int he morning. I also think it is better to have the regular doc who will be a little less pressed for time than an ER doc.

Mony said...

Both of us in the hospital!
Ow. Ouch. You take care. I wish I felt Hef move a bit more. I am impatient.