Sunday, July 22, 2007

That just might be a boy....

that's what my husband said last night, for the first time this entire pregnancy. He has been insisting this baby is another girl. Anyways, I called him upstairs last night (really, I called him on the phone, he's been kicked out of the bed since I got hurt) because the baby was moving around again. S/he is very active late at night. So, he puts his hand on my belly, low down where I was feeling the baby. A very short time later, he was rewarded with a huge kick! I mean seriously, this baby is a kicker! Right away he said that we just might have a boy in there. Obviously, strength of kick is no way to tell, but it was funny to hear him actually say it could be a boy.

SO yes, definitely feeling baby moving. Mainly late at night. It's weird, because this is right around the time I first started feeling my daughter move, yet I've been feeling this baby for 6-7 weeks already. And feeling it strongly for at least a week. Strange how different some things are with the second pregnancy. I certainly didn't expect to feel strong kicks already and definitely not strong enough so my husband could feel them! Very pleasant surprise.

Stitches coming out tomorrow morning. Thumb is feeling much better, though I'm terrifed of getting the stitched out because it just doesn't seem healed much. Gentle cleaning causes minor bleeding - I've learned not to touch the incision itself in any way, just clean around it and run soapy water over it. Also, if I move my hand wrong or try to do too much, it pulls open a little and bleeds. I'm kind of hoping they decide the stitched should stay a couple more days, but at the same time I'm sick of them. I'm ready for it to be healed.... but from what I've read, it won't be completely healed for 6 months. I imagine most of that is stuff occurring under the skin and all that I won't really be aware of. I hope!

My daughter has a bit of an upset tummy tonight... please pray she feels better tomorrow! I'm just not up to dealing with a sick child....

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Furrow said...

wow, 6 months of healing? Crazy. I had forgotten how much worse it must be to have a bad cut while pregnant. You know, all that extra blood.

If boys kick harder than girls, then I'd be frightened to have a boy in here. This girl is an all-star kicker.