Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Finally, some relief!

I went to the dr today.... my laceration was still bleeding when the ER doc bandaged it so it had scabbed onto the gauze pad. The slightest movement was causing the gauze to move and pull on my stitches. After much effort and much pain, we finally got the gauze off. The nurse cleaned it up and between the 2 of us we got it bandaged back up. Doc gave me the strongest pain med they had at the clinic and was "safe" during pregnancy. A couple hours after taking it, I finally felt some relief! For the first time since I hurt it (~10:30pm Sunday), the pain is bearable. Obviously it still hurts and will for a while, but it's not so bad that I am gasping in pain and moaning all the time! I am so grateful!

Stitches should come out Monday.... I expect it will be a few weeks before I can crochet again! I'll just be happy when I can do my own hair again....

Hope everyone else had a great weekend and is doing well!

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