Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I failed the challenge.....

So I talked to the doctor's office today and based on my lab results from cd10, I failed the Clomid Challenge. There's basically 0 chance that I will ovulate this cycle. Which we had figured would be the case, but it still sucks! So, we discussed what the new 'plan of action' is going to be. I'm going to start on Metformin next week. Guess it helps a lot of women with PCOS. Whenever hubby and I are ready to start another cycle, I'll take the provera, since we all know I won't get AF without it. Then on cd3 I'll get a baseline ultrasound and bloodwork, start on Gonal-F, begin my twice weekly ultrasounds and bloodwork around cd7, and hopefully within a couple weeks be ready for my HCG trigger to bring on ovulation, then a day or 2 later we'll be doing IUI. Doc seems to think it was a fluke that we conceived our daughter without the IUI. Of course, he also thinks it's a fluke that we didn't end up with twins or more, considering the amount of follicles that my misfit, PCOS-ridden ovaries are constantly covered in! So it should be interesting to see what happens!

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