Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Ready or Not......

Actually, I'm NOT ready! My HSG is scheduled for tomorrow at 1pm and I am dreading it. I know that the worst of the pain only lasts a few minutes but I remember it being so bad the last time that I'm scared about it this time. They tell you to expect some mild cramping, then they inject this foreign substance into your body and your body doesn't like it! My whole body immediately cramped up and arched up off the table. I couldn't breathe. Meanwhile, the techs are telling me to 'just relax' because I'm interfering with the test. They seem to expect you to lie perfectly still and smile while they inflict excruciating pain upon you! I'm afraid that this time will be worse for some reason. For one, I'm doing it alone - hubby has to stay with our daughter during the procedure. So, no hand to hold. For two, last time I didn't have any blockages..... if I somehow have one now, I've heard the pain can be worse. And I can't imagine much worse!
Well, I suppose I've vented enough on this topic for now...... I'm sure I'll have more to say after the test tomorrow!

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