Friday, August 18, 2006

I swear I'm not challenging you!

Okay, so I got my blood drawn again today as part of the Clomid Challenge..... today is cd10. Anyways, as usual I told the phlebotomist (I love that word!) that I only have one good vein and dutifully showed him the fading bruise from last week. Also as usual, the guy took that as a challenge for him to find another vein to use! He tells me "oh, that's not true, you've got plenty of veins in there!", and proceeds to start poking at my right arm..... and when I point out the needle mark from last week when the last guy took the 'challenge', he still insists he can get that vein. I say fine, go ahead and try..... needless to say he couldn't get it. Nor could he get my good vein on my left arm to work after that (though he sure poked around a lot!) which tells me he may not have been that good with a needle anyways. His supervisor had to come over and use a butterfly on my forearm to get the blood. My friend Christy suggested I start having them make notes for me for the next time, saying that I'm telling the truth about that being my only good vein so to quit poking at me for no good reason other than the desire to prove me wrong! I've had my blood drawn enough to know that it either comes from my one good vein on my left arm, or it comes from my hand, or as I learned this time, my forearm. Yet every single time I tell them to go straight for my good vein, they take it as a challenge.....

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