Monday, April 16, 2007

Beta #3


I was expecting 1000 so I was concerned, but the doctor said it was fine. Technically I guess it still has the rest of today to make it over 1000 but I'm still a little concerned. I was assuming that doubling every 48 hours meant it should increase by half each day so that would have made my expected beta 1032 for today (my betas last beta was around an hour earlier last Monday), but I guess maybe it doesn't work that way. If the doctor isn't concerned I guess I shouldn't be either but I can't help it!


Chris said...

Of course you're stressing - who wouldn't be? I'm sure it'll turn out just fine but in the meantime I'm thinking good thoughts for you.

Trying to convince my uterus to co-operate said...

betas can drive you crazy! Best of luck! Thinking good thoughts!!

The Town Criers said...

Congratulations! May this pregnancy be smooth sailing.

And never feel guilty about the pregnancy (by the way, here is the caramel latte--PLEASE! do you think I would have a bar without an imaginary espresso machine?). This is what we're all working toward. There may be people who can't read about your pregnancy now because their hearts hurt too much. But as long as you proceed with sensitivity (and I know you will because you're a stirrup queen), you don't need to apologize. A pregnancy is a happy thing. No one should wish for it to be harder. And I'm happy for you that it happened when it did.

Sigh. Try to enjoy these days. It's so hard, but try to celebrate too amid the worrying.

Dianne/Flutter said...

Wishing you good things. Success - at any level - makes me feel hope. So thank you for sharing your good news. Praying that your little one is only messing with you a little. After all they do have that right :) to tease their mom.

Ann said...

Hi PCOSMama! I found your blog through Mel's virtual bar. I, too, have PCOS, and I am comforted by reading the blogs of fellow PCOS-ers who have "graduated." My prayers are with you!