Saturday, April 07, 2007

Still positive....12dpiui; 14dptrigger

Used the Fir$t Re$p0nse Early Result or whatever they are called..... positive this morning. For $hits and grins last night I used the same brand and tested after only waiting maybe 3 hours after my last potty trip and even that came up positive. I figure if I can get a positive at night after only holding my urine for about 3 hours, there's a good chance I can believe it. I will still harbor some doubt until the beta comes back Monday. Thank you to the clinic for that wonderful doubt.

Thank you so much to those of you who have dropped by to lend your support and congratulations! I hope we find out Monday that I didn't jump the gun with my announcement! I'm feeling pretty confident right now... though not confident enough to tell anyone other than those of you who know where I'm at in my cycle. Not even my Mom knows! I'm not sure how long I will wait to tell everyone else.... I know, technically I should wait until after the first trimester because of the chance of miscarriage but I can't wait that long. With my daughter, I waited until after my 6 week scan where we saw the heartbeat. I think this time I will tell my family and those who know enough to ask. Everyone else can wait until after the 6 week scan.

I'm getting pretty excited here! Monday cannot possibly come fast enough! Then of course I'll have to wait to find out the numbers double. Argh! I just want to know now!


Anonymous said...

I say it's a positive. Is your official beta supposed to be Monday? Mine was on a Monday too and I tested on the Sunday before and my favorite nurse said it's positive when you're that close to being that many days past the IUI. Yahoo!

I know it's super frustrating to hear them tell you it could still be the trigger shot, but I imagine it really does stay in some women's systems so they're kind of obligated to be honest. I think it would be worse to hear them validate that it is in fact positive and have it not be...because we all know when you're dealing with infertility these results are all you're hoping for. Not that that helps any, but just a thought.

I'll be checking back Monday!!!

MamaChristy said...

Horray! I know that the stinking doctors didn't want you to be all excited and telling people that you are knocked up when there is a possibility that you aren't, but they just didn't have any sensitivity or, well, tack about it. Don't they know that the women they are dealing with are on an emotional roller coaser due to the drugs they have out you on?

Anyway, I'm very glad for you and am looking forward to being around for all of this joy in your life. :)

sariel & shlomit said...

Oh my G-d!!! I can't believe I've missed you know I've been in a very different place lately so I'm sorry I didn't congratulate you sooner!
i'll be eagerly awaiting your clinic call with you on monday!
wonderful, wonderful news!