Thursday, April 12, 2007

Possible pregnancy symptoms

Okay, I know this is something of interest to anyone in the 2 week wait so I thought I'd post about it. I really didn't have as many 'symptoms' this cycle as I've thought I had in previous cycles. Just goes to show that my previous ones were from the trigger shot and my upcoming AF. I didn't have any cramping in the few days before AF would have been due. My face actually cleared up a little instead of breaking out worse like it usually does. I also lost some weight, probably because my body is burning more energy and using more calories etc to establish the pregnancy. I did have a couple episodes of nausea though no vomiting and really I had the nausea in previous cycles too so that can't be called a symptom. As I said, I didn't have cramping, but I have had weird pains in my lower abdomen, usually on my left side but yesterday they switched to my right side. Not really sure what that's from. Since the positive beta I have also had some mild constipation which is a normal pregnancy symptom thanks to the hormone changes and your body trying to squeeze all the vitamins and nutrients possible out of your food before sending it through. Oh, and I got heartburn the other night from my mildly spicy chili. I almost never get heartburn unless pregnant. Oh and I've been having a very hard time sleeping, but the Gonal-F causes that too so I'm kind of used to it!
So, basically these are my possible symptoms:
1. No cramping when my normal AF was approaching
2. Less acne instead of the usual more as AF approached
3. Weight loss (about 5 pounds now) - I also had this with my daughter and remember the doctor saying it was common to first lose weight before starting to gain it
4. Strange twinges of pain, often constant, on either side of my lower abdomen
5. Mild constipation
6. Heartburn
7. Difficulty sleeping

Not much help I know, but that's all I've got! It's still very early (about 4wk2d).

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Mony said...

OMG I am so excited to have a pregnancy partner! I have my next Beta on 23 April & First US on 30 April (I already made the appt out of sheer excitement!)