Friday, April 06, 2007

Beta Results

I had a quantitative beta yesterday afternoon. It came back at 11. When the nurse called me, she absolutely refused to say that I was pregnant. She said the number was really low, but it doesn't necessarily mean anything because we tested so early. They have me going for another one on Monday to see if it is rising. I asked what the doctor had to say about the low number and what it means and all she would say is that technically anything over a 5 is positive but since I did have an hCG trigger shot we won't know anything until Monday. Not exactly what I wanted to head but fine.

At 10dpiui on all 3 of my previous IUIs I was testing negative because the shot was out of my system. So I'm assuming that it would be out of my system this cycle as well. I tested again this morning, 11dpiui, 13 days after the trigger shot, and it still came up positive. I will test again tomorrow and Sunday to reassure myself before I go for the second beta on Monday. I guess that technically they do tell you to wait until 14dpiui to be sure that a positive result is really positive, but all my online research and past experience says that I should be able to believe the positive by now. If not today, definitely tomorrow. That will be 14 days after the trigger shot.

I don't know, that nurse made me have doubt. What do you all think?

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MamaChristy said...

She just doesn't want to say "You're pregnant!" and have you miscarry and get all mad at her for getting your hopes up. She's covering her ass, so test daily and try not to worry. No margaritas for you for now at least! :)