Friday, April 20, 2007

She did it! Yay!

Ever since asking to wear panties for the first time last week (Tuesday I believe), my little girl has not had one peepee accident. Yes, she has had poopoo accidents, but she has gone peepee in the potty every time. She has even stayed dry all night, and has actually done that for about 2 months now (she didn't like when she peed through her diaper and got her big girl bed all wet so after the second time she started staying dry all night). So, no peepee accidents for over a week.
As if that wasn't reason enough to be proud of her, yesterday, last night actually, she ran to the potty and went poopoo all by herself! Of course she got all kinds of praise and the rewards we had promised her (a dress-up Dor@ doll that's been sitting on top the fridge and a big Dora balloon, which Daddy took her to the store for right away). And then, she did it again tonight! This time she got an outfit for the Dor@ doll. If she does it again tomorrow she'll get another outfit. After that I'm not sure what we'll do.... for one, we'll be out of outfits unless I go to a couple stores to find them. I don't know at what point we're supposed to stop the rewards! But I'm thinking a week sounds decent. If she can do it for a week straight then it shouldn't take big bribes anymore. Guess we'll see!
Anyways, I just had to brag because I am so incredible proud of her! And she is SO proud of herself, it's so exciting! She's even gotten to wear her big girl p@nties to bed the past 2 nights - no diapers at all for 2 whole days! I'm in heaven! Can you tell how giddy I am with pride?!


Shelby said...

Yay!! Gotta love Dor@ bribery= we did the same thing with our daughter. It's amazing how once they decide to wear panties, things really progress fast. My daughter still wears a diaper at night, but that's it. She hasn't had a poopy diaper in almost a year now!!

Chris said...

Congrats on your big girl :-)

Trying to convince my uterus to co-operate said...

Congrats!!!! Such a great achievement, it really makes you realize how quickly they grow up!

OHN said...

I love bribery! We managed to get away with M*M's and matchb*x cars. After awhile they were do anxious to just get back to playing they forgot all about the rewards...potty training bliss :)