Monday, April 09, 2007

I had my blood drawn for my beta

but I have no idea when I will get my results. I was supposed to call the head nurse at the clinic when I left the lab so she could watch for my results and call me. I tried and tried and kept getting a busy signal. I called the regular message line and left a message, but they don't check those until the end of the day, and half the time (or more) they never even call me back. So I kept trying to call Cathy, the nurse. Tried and tried and tried some more and could not get through. I finally called the gyn clinic (they share an office) about 20 minutes ago and they told me that some of the phones (including Cathy's) are down because they are moving furniture around. So I asked if there was any other way I can reach her, or could they transfer me or get her. They told me all I could do is call the message line.

So, I'm sitting here wondering if I will even get my results today. And basically doubting it. And that really pi$$es me off. I'm going to keep trying to reach Cathy's number and if I don't hear anything soon my husband is going to try to leave work for a bit to go up to the clinic and ask to talk to Cathy or at least try to get them to give her a message to call me.

I'll let ya'll know when (if) I find anything out!

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