Thursday, October 26, 2006

Excuse me?

I just had to share this, because it is still bothering me a little......
My husband, daughter and I went to the commissary (grocery store) today. At first my daughter was riding in the cart. She kept asking to get out, so after awhile we let her out. No sooner did we let her out and were standing in an aisle looking at, I think it was corn, than an old man starts coming down the aisle. My husband and I both told our daughter to be careful and stay out of the way so she doesn't get 'run over' and she stayed out of the way over by my husband. As the old man approaches, he says "You need to get back in that cart little girl." I, thinking he was joking around, said,"Yeah, we just finally let her out, she doesn't like riding in the cart very much." As he walks by, he says,"Well, you should leave her at home then."My jaw practically hit the floor, and my husband and I both said "Excuse me?!" My husband versaid again, "Excuse me, what did you just say?" and to me "That was rude" and I said "Yes very rude, especially considering she is behaving very well and did not even get in his way." The old man just kept walking. So I said a little louder, "I guess we should just leave her home by herself? I sure hope you don't have any grandchildren sir." I'm sorry, but that totally pissed me off. I am not one of those people who lets their kid run around in stores. My daughter either stays right by my husband and I, or she gets carried or put in the cart. She of course does not stay right by our side, but she is expected to stay within a few (and I mean a few) feet of us. When we are in an aisle and noone else is around, we'll let her have a little more leeway, but when other people are around she has to stay right next to us. So I take huge offense to someone daring to say I should not bring my daughter shopping with me. Damn bitter old man.

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