Saturday, October 07, 2006

Where the hell did you come from?!

So, on what would have been cd58 (Thursday), AF decided to make a completely unexpected (meaning uninduced) appearance. Her timing couldn't be worse. There is no way to fit a cycle in this month thanks to DH being out of town every other week. This will probably screw up our hopes of squeezing 2 cycles in before DH's pending deployment in January (more on this later). I'm guessing that I probably shouldn't use Provera to instigate a period to start an IUI cycle until the 'required' 28+ days has passed and I get a negative HPgT. I don't know though...... I never ovulate on my own anyways so it's very tempting to say screw it and just go ahead if we get the chance. But I probably won't, just in case God decides to bless us with a miracle. So, let's do the math..... HPgT around Nov 4, 5+days of Provera, then another week, give or take, for AF to arrive. That'd put cd1 sometime around Nov 15? Start meds around Nov 21. IUI sometime around Nov 29 if things go according to the Dr's plans.... probably more like Dec 5 if my body responds the same to the meds as before. So yeah, only time for 1 cycle before a possible 6 month forced break (deployment). Of all the times for AF to come on her own. Damn.

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