Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Who's afraid of the big bad......lizard?

Uh, yeah, that would be me. Went into the kitchen to get some tea and saw something scurry across the floor. Freaked me out! Thought it was a scorpion. Looked closer and saw it was a lizard, one of those chameleon-like ones you see in the south. Generally they are cute. However, when it is in my kitchen - not so cute! After several minutes of shouting for my husband I realized he must have gone to bed already. Hmmmm, I'm presented with a dilemma..... kill it/catch it myself, or wake him up to do it? I chose wake him up to do it. Needless to say, he was not happy! But between the two of us we got it out of the house. I used some tupperware to catch it, unfortunately chopping off the tail in the process, then the hubby scooped it up and put it outside. By the way, did you know the tail keeps moving after being cut off? I had to pick it up with a papertowel and throw it away. I have no idea if it stopped moving then or not. Totally creepy!

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MamaChristy said...

You didn't just want to let the cats get it? :)