Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Weekend of Fun

So, the hubby was out of town for 2 weeks and I just about went insane. He got home Friday night/Saturday morning (~12:30am) and we spent the weekend relaxing and doing fun stuff with our daughter. We really needed it!
Saturday we went to Sea World, which our duaghter absolutely adores. She especially likes the dolphins and penguins so we spent plenty of time in those areas. This trip was different from the other times we've gone though. This time, my big girl rode her very first water ride! I forget what the name of it is, but it's basically a log ride with a few drops, the highest being something like 6 stories according to the signs. I was very worried about her but she said she wanted to do it and her daddy was very excited about it. I decided not to go because of my back and neck problems, but I waited in line with them anyways. DD was very anxious to get on 'the boat' and did very well waiting in line for almost 45 minutes. I was afraid she would start crying when the time actually came to get in the boat and go, but she was a real trooper! Her daddy said she loved the small ups and downs, but seemed a little scared on the big drops. Then we got the pic they take on all rollercoasters nowadays and, lo and behold, my little angel is smiling! She loved it! She is so brave! She wanted to go again!
Sunday we went to the wildlife safari about 25 minutes from the house. It's a drivethrough safari where you can feed all the animals from your car. There's everything from goats to zebras to bison. We have season passes and have been going once a week lately. It's a good way to pass a couple of hours time. My little girl just loves feeding the animals! She asks to go all the time.... "I wanna go feed the animals myself Mama!" She's so independent nowadays!
I'll try to post some pictures soon since I finally learned how....

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