Wednesday, October 18, 2006


This time the bleeding didn't decide to slow down for the doctors. They saw it in all it's gory, I mean glory! There was a student doctor who was training on my case and she could not do the pelvic exam. She kept trying then told the experienced doctor that she can't do it, there's too much blood. So the other doctor tries and she has trouble too. Says she can't get the speculum 'hooked' on the cervix because she can't see what she's doing. Kept apologizing for hurting me, but she finally got it in. They seemed pretty shocked by the amount of blood. I also gave them the log I kept of my bleeding today. Yeah, they were quite impressed, especially when I clarified that the log was basically representative of the past 4 days. Up until the pelvic exam, they were still trying to convince me to wait it out, rather than taking anything to stop it. Once they did the pelvic exam and got to see first hand that I was not exaggerating at all, they changed their mind. So, I am taking the birth control pill Yasmin for awhile. We have to 'shock' my system to stop the bleeding so I am taking 3 pills a day for 3 days, then 2 pills a day for 3 days, then I need to take 1 pill a day for at least 2 weeks before we can try to plan an IUI cycle. The good news is that they seem pretty confident that I do not have any fibroids or polyps. The bad news is I don't know how long it will take for the bleeding to stop, or even slow. So far, it's the same. Not sure if I will risk sleep tonight or not. Maybe I'll just set my alarm every couple hours. I don't think I can continue living with very little to no sleep. I've literally been at my breaking point for the past couple days. I have had some minor breakdowns. Okay, maybe not so minor, but definitely not major!
Hey, anyone know the record for most tampons used by one person in a day or weekend? Because I'm pretty sure I broke it. Wanna make a game of it? Take a guess and we'll see who comes close.

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MamaChristy said...

thanks for posting. I'm glad to hear that they are FINALLY doing something for you. Jerks. They could have done this for you, oh, I don't know, THREE DAYS AGO and you would be that much closer to a good night's sleep.

I'd play the guessing game, but I think I have an unfair advantage! :)