Monday, January 22, 2007

Go Da Bears!

Whoo-hoo! My home-town team has finally made it! After more than 20 years, the Chicago Bears are finally going back to the Superbowl! (Note: I grew up in extreme northwest Indiana - just across the border from Chicago, so I've always been a big Chicago fan) And to top it all off, they are playing against the Colts, my home-state team! To say this is exciting does not truly do it justice!

Now if only the Cubbies could make it to the World Series.....

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Cyndi said...

Remember 20 years ago, when we all the super bowl shuffle in 1rst grade!!!! Those were the days!!!
Yes, if you are wondering this city is going crazy!!!!! We are having a HUGE superbowl party!!! Jerry is of course, a huge Bears fan, and everyone else in this entire county is a Colts fan!!!