Friday, January 26, 2007

I hope you're not calling with bad news.....

That's what I said when I answered my phone this afternoon and discovered it was Dr K calling me from the clinic. Unfortunately, he was calling with bad news. Although my ultrasound looked similar to last cycle, my labs told a different story. My estradiol level plummeted when it should have been rising. I am not responding to the Femara anymore - must have been a fluke last cycle. Doc said the cycle is a bust and we will just plan to start injectibles next cycle. But because I am a pushy be-atch who knows her $hit when it comes to the fertility treatments I asked if there is any way we can salvage this cycle. For example, could we supplement with injectables now and try to get those follicles going again, and since I won't ovulate on my own anyways we can just add some time on to the cycle by using the injections and do the IUI later than planned? Doc said chances are slim that it will work, but not impossible, so he's willing to give it a shot (get it, give it a shot? heehee). So, I went back to the clinic this afternoon and after about 2 hours finally managed to get my meds (doc forgot to put them in the system so I had to wait in the clinic forever to talk to him. Anyways, the plan is to use the Gonal-F this weekend (3 days) and check back Monday to see if there is any change. If things look good, we will continue. If not, we'll wait until we can squeeze another cycle in and go straight for the injectable. I already did tonights injection and boy did that baby sting! I don't remember the Repronex doing that, but it has been a while..... and my belly is quite a bit poochier (that's not even a word!) so maybe that makes a difference too! Maybe I'll post some pics later..... of the meds, not the belly! ;)

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