Friday, January 26, 2007

I'm beat!

I just spent over 2 hours at the clinic again. I was hoping last time, on cd3, was a fluke caused by the weather and people not being able to go in for their monitoring for a couple days. But it appears I can expect this from now on - the nurse who took my vitals said they are now in their "busy season". I left my house by 5:20am, got there at a few minutes past 6am and there were already 6 women lined up against the wall (the clinic doesn't open until 6:30am. SO basically, even getting there half an hour early, I still ended up being number 7. I feel bad for the girl that was number 20 (no, I'm not kidding)! The lab was super busy today too - there must've been thirty+ people waiting when they opened the doors and it got worse from there.

So, I guess you'd like to know the results from todays scan? I was apparently wrong about the twinges on my right ovary because the right ovary did nada so far. My only promising follicles are on the left side - measuring 11.1mm and 10mm. So it looks like we're going to end up with another one, maybe two, egg cycle. I'm not very happy about that, but I guess at least I don't need to be very concerned about multiples. I go back Monday to see how they have progressed.

I find it interesting that all these docs are so scared of using fertility drugs on me because of my polycystic ovaries. Yeah, that usually means you have a greater risk of overstimulating and having multiples and all that jazz, but from my experience it just seems that my body doesn't respond as well to the meds as they seem to think it will. When I conceived my daughter, the docs were concerned about using injectibles and monitored me very closely. We only got one good egg after 2 weeks of mostly double-dose injections. Not the many many eggs they were so sure we'd get. So far with the new docs, they are scared to use the injectibles on me so are trying the Femara and I'm barely responding to it either. I was talking to other women in the waiting room and one of them is taking Clomid and the other is taking the Femara. Both of them made it sound like they get several follicles each cycle. And here I'm struggling to get two. And I'm supposed to be the one that has the greater risk of producing multiple eggs! It just doesn't make sense to me. I can't help but wonder if things would be going better if the docs would've let me do the injectibles like the original plan was. Maybe I produce better-quality eggs on the injectibles. I don't know..... it's all just so discouraging....

And I haven't had my coffee yet either so I'm really feeling bummed!

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