Thursday, November 16, 2006

Argh! I hate waiting!

I called the clinic message line last night (around 6pm) and left them a message that it was cd1 and I was supposed to start an IUI cycle and to please call me to set up my monitoring schedule, as Friday would be cd3 and I would need to be in at 6:30am. I called again around 11:30am this morning to leave another message that I'm not sure it was cd1 because it's just been spotting and could someone please call me to verify if it is indeed cd1 and if I will be coming in tomorrow morning at 6:30am for monitoring because I needed to set up childcare and that it's hard to find someone to babysit at 6am, so to please call me asap to let me know what the plan is. I figured they don't need to know I already told my husband to come home early from his trip.
Yeah, it's almost 2pm now and still no call back. I'm pretty sure this spotting is my period since I had such a horrible one a few weeks ago. There can't be much left in my body to shed! But still, I'd really like to know what the f*** is going on! I've got my hopes up about starting our first IUI cycle, and I made my husband and his coworker drive home tonight assuming I would be going in tomorrow morning. Now I don't know what is going on! I just wish they would call me back!! Argh! I'm getting so super-cranky!

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