Friday, November 17, 2006

The NEW verdict is in!

I'm disappointed. Went in today and my endometrial lining is at 18, which is way too thick. That would be caused by my off-the-charts levels of estrogen, which I knew about though didn't know it was as high as it is. Also didn't really know all the effects of high estrogen. Let's see..... migraines, check; fatigue, check; pms and mood swings, double freaking check; weight gain, check; muscle aches and pains, check; depression, check; abnormal bleeding, check check check check check. Oh yeah, did I mention the increased risk of breast cancer? Oh, the fun our wacky hormones bring.
Anyways, apparently the doc is leary of putting me on injectables. I have so many follicles on my ovaries thanks to the PCOS he seems to want to avoid injectables at all costs. So the plan is now to try something called Letrozole. He wants to at least give this a try before moving on to injectables. I'm disappointed because I know the injectables work - that's how I got my beautiful daughter! But I guess if there's a chance this will work, then I'm willing to try it. What's one more month right?
So, I take 2 of these pills every day for cd4-8, then I go in on cd13 (the Monday after Thanksgiving) for bloodwork and ultrasound to see if I'm responding to it. If so, we'll go ahead with the IUI.
In the meantime, I have horrible cramps and a sick cat (more about this at a later time) so I'm outta here.....

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