Wednesday, November 15, 2006

So much for planning

Remember back, oh, a few weeks ago I guess, when I had the wonderful hemorhaging incident and had to start birth control? And how the plan was that I would stop the birth control when we were ready to do our IUI cycle? Yeah, so based on my extensive history with birth control pills, I calculated when I would need to take my last pill to start my period so my cd3 monitoring would fall after my husband gets home from his trip. In the past, I always started a pack of pills on Sunday and would end on a Saturday. I would take my last pill Saturday morning and would always start my period Tuesday evening. So I figured that I would take my last pill this Monday night that just passed, and I would start my period no sooner than Friday morning. I had it all planned out because my husband is coming home Friday afternoon. So he could watch our daughter Saturday, Sunday, or whenever while I went in for my 6:30am baselines. Yeah, my plan just got screwed! I started my period tonight. So that means I will have to go for my baselines Friday morning. At 6:30am. Leaving my house at 5:30am. And I cannot take my daughter. So I just called my husband and told him he has to drive home tomorrow night. He probably won't get in before midnight, but tough crap. The only problem is that he is not the only one on this trip and he has the only car. So the guy who went with him would have to also pack all his bags tonight (mind you, it's past 10pm), check out in the morning, and drive back with my husband tomorrow night whenever they get done with work. So he his trying to reach the guy right now. I hope to God he does and that they can work it out, because I have no idea what I will do otherwise!!!

I'll update as soon as I know something.....

-----Update, 10:17pm - he did reach the other guy and they will be driving home after work tomorrow. They'll have a crappy drive and hit lots of work traffic, but he will definitely make it home in time to stay with our daughter while I go to the clinic. I'm saved!
By the way, since I will be starting those oh-so-wonderful injections soon, be prepared for plenty of weeping and whining!

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