Thursday, November 16, 2006

The verdict is in!

The clinic finally called me back around 3:30pm. Yesterday was cd1 and tomorrow we will officially begin our first IUI cycle! The way the 'morning clinic' works for the monitoring is that the hospital doors open at 6:30am. You go to the clinic, take a number, then walk over to the lab and wait to have your blood drawn. After being poked with a needle multiple times (thanks to my horrible veins), I will then go back to the clinic and wait for my number to be called for my ultrasound. Based on what the ultrasound shows my uterine lining and follicles to be doing, and what my lab results show for my hormone levels, I will be told at some point that day how much medicine to inject (usually 1 or 2 vials). I will start the injections tomorrow, and continue them and my bi-weekly monitoring until my follicles are mature, then I'll do a 'trigger shot' of a different hormone to force my body to ovulate. Followed a day or 2 later by the actual IUI. So, that's the plan! Cross your fingers that everything looks good tomorrow so I can start the injections! With any luck, I could be pregnant by mid-December. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but it's so hard!
Anyways, I have to be up at 5am so I can leave by 5:30 for the clinic. So, I'll update this weekend!

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