Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Road Trip Update

So...... the road trip wasn't too bad. My daughter got up super early the day we left so was a total crab for the first hour and a half. We stopped for lunch and put a movie (Cars, the 3 year old's choice) in and she was still a crab. After about 20-30 minutes, we decided to switch to one of her movies and she did much better after that. The rest of the drive there went pretty well.

Thursday we had dinner at the hotel buffet (can't beat free!), Friday we went to the park and that night we went to dinner at the Hoffbrau or something like that. A steakhouse across from the hotel. I was not very impressed, but that's irrelevant. The walk there along the river, and under the road, was nice. The kids really enjoyed the river. We took a walk during the day a couple times and they saw turtles, ducks, some kind of white bird (egret or crane or something), and even a snake in the water.

Saturday was the zoo, where my daughter was again a whiny-butt until lunch, but it's tough to make a 2 year old understand that just because the 3 year old is allowed to run up ahead doesn't mean she can. We had that problem a lot during the trip. He'd be running ahead and she wanted to go too and we kept having to yell at her to stay by us. Sorry, my toddler needs to stay where I can grab her if necessary. It's too easy for someone else to grab them when they are not by you. Anyways, after lunch we had fun at the zoo, the kids fed some fish in the water by the giraffes, we rode the train, and saw a bunch of animals. Saturday night we had leftovers from the steakhouse. Still crappy the second time around.

Oh, did I mention we had free breakfast at the hotel every day? That was really nice. We stayed at a Residence Inn and they provided really excellent service.

So back to the trip..... Sunday we went to the Botanical Gardens for a couple hours. I highly recommend it to anyone visiting the Ft Worth area. We only got to see a couple of the gardens, but they were beautiful. Actually, there were several families there doing family photos because the grounds were a perfect back-drop. After that we had lunch at Chili's, one of my favorites, then we drove home.

The drive home wasn't too bad either. The kids slept about 30-40 minutes in the beginning and we only stopped twice (actually, we only stopped twice both ways. We times our last stop perfect because about 15 minutes after we got back on the road we go stuck by an accident ahead of us. We were dead-stopped for 30 minutes. The kids behaved great for it though! They got a little whiny towards the end, but hey, it'd been a busy weekend for them!

So, all-in-all, the trip went well. I'll post some pics below.... there might be a lot because I can't choose!

Daddy and his Little Princess

White 'bird' on the river

Rose Garden 1

Rose Garden 2

Reflection Pond 1

Reflection Pond 2

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MamaChristy said...

wow. those gardens really were lovely. thanks for sharing!