Friday, March 23, 2007

Cough Update

Just thought I'd let ya'll know in case you were wondering.... I did get in to see the doctor Wednesday morning. He seems to think that asthma is causing my coughing. Yes, I had asthma as a child, and yes I have suspected for a long time that it has returned, but I didn't think asthma could suddenly cause a cough that lasts for weeks. I'm not sure what to think though, because after starting the asthma medicine Wednesday after my appointment, my cough is not nearly as bad. Go figure.

Though I couldn't find anything on Dr Google about asthma possibly causing a cough like mine, I did learn of some interesting things that can trigger asthma.... such as hormonal changes. Hmmm, think maybe the Gonal-F could be causing all this? I'm still not sure..... it has been raining a bit again since yesterday and my cough has worsened a little since, so I'm still leaning towards the allergy theory. Something must be getting washed into the air by the rain.

Oh yeah, the medicine the doc decided I needed is called Advair. I looked it up online and everywhere I look it says that it should only be used if other medicines can not control your asthma because Advair has been known to cause severe asthma attacks that can be fatal. Nice. Makes me feel really good about taking this medicine that I'm not even sure I need.

Separate post coming soon about the results of my scan this morning......

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