Friday, March 23, 2007

Trigger happy

The plan: Inject 1 amp of Gonal-F again tonight, followed by some nocturnal 'activity'; take the hCG trigger shot around 7pm Saturday night; arrive for IUI Monday morning at 6:30.

The follicles currently stand at:
Left Ovary = 12.4mm
Right Ovary = 16.1mm, 14.6mm, 14.4mm, 12.5mm, 12.2mm, 11.9mm
And there are of course still many follies under 10mm on both ovaries.

Asked the doc if we were expecting those 12mm follies to make it and he said no. But considering that the follie on the left ovary was under 10mm yesterday and 3 of those on the right were at 10pointsomething mm, I'm thinking it is possible that some of those 12mm follies could make it to maturity too. They'll still be getting more simulation tonight from the Gonal-F and then they will have until Monday morning to grow before I will ovulate. So.... with any luck we'll have a good chance this cycle.

Does anyone know the odds that all of these follies will make it to maturity? Or if at least the 12 and ups will?

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