Friday, March 23, 2007

I flashed the doctor my butt

As I was leaving the room, I remember that I wanted to ask about the location of the trigger shot. I'm afraid we have been doing it in the wrong spot and though I'm obviously ovulating each cycle from it, perhaps not properly? I don't know.

Anyways, I asked the doctor if someone could draw me a circle or something to show where the shot should go. So he says, sure no problem, go lean on the table and I'll draw you an x. So I'm leaning against the table, holding my sheet that's wrapped around me with my left hand while trying to maneuver my shirt up and the sheet down a little on the right. Yeah, my left hand failed me and I dropped one end of the sheet. So the doc got a very clear view of my a$$ in the bright lights. Of course I grabbed the sheet right away and covered up and told the doctor I'm sorry and joked it off saying hey, you see these things all the time anyways right? So he draws me my x (which will be so easy to remember from now on because it is literally a couple mm over my tattoo) and I leave the room. As I'm getting dressed all I can think is how it isn't embarassing enough that this guy gets clear views of my you-know-what all the time, now he's gotten a clear view of my a$$ too, not my favorite body part! Oh well, c'est la vie!


Roy said...

One quick butt flash isn't so bad. He's a doctor, I'm sure he was professional about it and realizes that those crappy (cold) paper sheets cover very little and are hard to control. Love your butt, it is taking a lot of pain from you (all those shots), it deserves love.

Roy said...

Oh, and thanks for the comment on my pics. I was going crazy not getting any comments on them (beside's R's and they don't count, he wants to have sex with me so his compliments don't mean as much as those of total strangers).

Sunny said...

I would have died too!

Baby Blues said...

That's hilarious!
I feel there's nothing more that could embarass me infront of my doctor. He has seen everything down there, inside and out. And I always say, once you've seen one, you've seen it all. Doctors are so polite in not saying anything and keeping a straight face.

Dr. John Jones said...

I am a gynecologist myself, and trust me...your doctor wasn't horrified with your flash. I'm glad that you've gotten a "mark" so that your injections will be properly administered.

Like one of my patients said to me one day when I made my usual "this is no big deal" speech as we began the pelvic, "I'm not worried, I know you've seen it all before."

John Jones, M.D.