Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Quick question....

for anyone out there who may know. I was not expecting AF until Friday. After both of my previous iui's, AF arrived 16dpiui. Today is only 13dpiui and AF arrived around midnight last night. I am having pretty bad cramps and am wondering if this is possibly a very early miscarriage? Is that possible? I know I have read that it is not uncommon for an early miscarriage to take place, just that most people assume it is their period coming because they were not expecting to be pregnant. But we all know pregnancy was a definite possibility for me and with AF arriving almost 4 days early, I'm wondering if something could have gone wrong. Anyone know anything about this?

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Baby Blues said...

On my IUI#1, AF arrived two days earlier than expected. I was wondering if there's a chance you ovulated earlier, before you even triggered for an IUI?

I agree that it could be a miscarriage but it's too early to say, implantation wasn't established yet.