Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What happened?

Sorry everyone, I haven't gotten the chance to write..... we've been keeping busy with the little one and mother-in-law. Who are enjoying each other very much by the way! ;)

Okay, so we went for the IUI Monday morning and we were a little concerned that the 'sample' seemed smaller than usual. We ended up having to do a quick 'pre-backup' Saturday around noon because we were just too darned tired Friday night, so we were worried maybe we hadn't allowed enough time between, ya know? Anyways, when the doc came into the room, she actually told us that the sp.erm count was higher in this sample than in the previous ones. So apparently we did something right! IUI went fine, the usual pinching during, cramping after. My lower abdomen (I'm assuming my ovaries) is really tender - to the touch, and to coughing and sneezing which causes the muscles around there to clench. But, it's nothing bad and to be expected considering the number of follicles. Still have no way of knowing how many little eggies were released, but I'm seriously hoping (dare I say expecting?) that the combination of the higher count, the pre- and post- IUI backup activity timing, and the possible 3 or more mature follicles will result in pregnancy this cycle. All we can do is wait and see!

Many thanks to everyone for all the support and encouragement!!


Chris said...

I'm glad "things" went well! I'll be sending lots of implantation vibes your way!

We have IUI #5 tomorrow - I'm hoping for lots of released follicles too.

Sunny said...

Fingers crossed!~

We had our first IUI today!

Baby Blues said...

Waiting with you! I hope your wait ends in a BFP.