Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Responding very well

So the doc called this morning with my lab results. Woke me from a nap - which means I wasn't completely prepared to talk to him and didn't ask the right questions. He said that I am responding very well this time, much better than last time (um, I thought I ended up responding well?). So well in fact that he considered bringing me back to the clinic for a scan today, but decided that based on my slow response last time we'll just continue doing 2 amps a night and I will go back Thursday morning for my scan. That'll be one day sooner than I went in last cycle. So, after waking up more and thinking about it, I called back and left a message. I would rather get the scan done today to make sure I'm not over-responding, rather than take a chance and come in Thursday and end up with a cancelled cycle. Since I had to go to the hospital today anyways with my hubby, I thought we could just go ahead and do the scan. Of course, they didn't call me back all day. So I stopped in there after my hubby's appointment, around 3:30 or so and the doctor had already left for the day. they said just stick with the plan and come back Thursday morning. I'm a little scared that I will be canceled because I'll have too many follicles. But, I guess I should trust the doctor - the one I talked to is actually the head of the IVF department and I believe he is the highest ranking officer there (military clinic) so I guess he knows what he is doing.

So, I'll go back Thursday morning with my fingers crossed. I'd cross my legs too for good measure, but that'd make it pretty hard to have the scan done.....

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