Friday, March 30, 2007

Diagnosis: We have no idea!

Ended up in the ER this morning. Couldn't keep my fever any lower than the upper 102's, which is not conducive to pregnancy (that's what the doc told me last cycle when I was kind of sick at the IUI appointment). Figured that there must be a reason for this - it's the second time I've been sick like this in the past month or so. After waiting about an hour, they took me back to get my vitals. Temp 103.3 Blood Pressure 112/60. Not good! They gave me some more tylenol (I'd been taking it since Friday afternoon), sent me for a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia, then sent me back to the waiting room. Where I proceeded to spend about 3 hours sweating out my fever on the hard floor. I was literally dripping in sweat and my clothes were stuck to me. When they finally called me back to a room I curled up on the bed and went to sleep. After a while the doctor finally came and woke me up. Listened to me breathe, looked at my throat. Reviewed my x-ray. Then told me he has no answers for me. Sent me home with instructions to take motrin every 8 hours and tylenol every 4-6 hours. Well, I won't take motrin because it's not pregnancy-friendly, so I've just been taking tylenol about every 4-5 hours. Tried to eat some McD0n@lds when I got home and drank a little bit of a chocolate shake. Within 10 minutes I threw it all up. Around 7pm my fever was at 102.5 again when I took my last dose of tylenol. Fever broke yet again and I sweated it out yet again. Went down to 100.6. Decided I'd better take a shower and eat some crackers. Sent the hubby for some Gator@de because I am severely dehydrated. I couldn't believe they sent me home from the ER without giving me an IV with some fluids. I think they just wanted the bed free. So, I've made it through almost a whole package of crackers and a glass and a half of Gator@de, and I've got to say I'm feeling better. Whether or not it will last remains to be seen.

I never get sick. For me to have this high of a fever twice in the past month or so is very unusual. I can't believe that they have no reason for it. Obviously my body is fighting some sort of infection, but what? What do I do to keep this from happening again? And how am I supposed to get rid of this cough if nobody can find a cause for it? It's very frustrating! And depressing. If I can't keep this fever down there's no way I'm going to keep a pregnancy. And implantation should be taking place in a few days to a week. I hope to God that this is not going to ruin my chances this cycle. I really thought this one was going so well!


Sunny said...

Man I hope you feel better soon. It sounds like we both are a bunch of sickies. I am on good bacteria, garlic and vit C along with an antibiotic trying to get rid of Mono and Strep.


sariel & shlomit said...

yikes...that sounds so poor thing...and i have writhed in pain on the floor of an emergency waiting room once myself - not fun...
hope you're soon on the mend and that they figure out what the heck is going on!


Roy said...

I hope that you start feeling better soon. Unexplained anything sucks! ***hugs***